1. The CNFP - as an independent institution under the 12 July 2014 law - recently adopted its latest "Assessment of Public Finances". This assessment is based on the so-called "Stability and Growth Programme 2016-2020" presented by the Government in late April and sent to the European Commission on 29 April.

  2. The National Council of Public Finance (CNFP) - the independent institution monitoring the public finances of Luxembourg - presents its latest "Assessment of Public Finances". The assessment has been prepared on the basis of the draft budget for 2016 as well as the draft multiannual financial programming law for 2015-2019.

  3. The 'National Council of Public Finance' (CNFP) adopted its first "Assessment of Public Finances" during its 27 May meeting. This assessment is prepared on the basis of the Stability and Growth Programme for the 2015-2019 period.

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