Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna responds to CNFP recommendations

On 14 October 2015, Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna adressed a letter to the CNFP chair in which he lays out the official position with respect to recommandations made by the CNFP in the context of its first assessment of public finances published in June 2015.

The annex of the letter containing detailed answers (in French only) to CNFP recommandations can be downloaded below.

As foreseen by EU rules, national budgetary authorities are expected to "comply-or-explain" with assessments made by national independent fiscal councils and the Ministry of Finance position is to be seen as a step towards implementing such a procedure in Luxembourg.

The CNFP will now examine in the detail the content of the letter and take position in its upcoming assessment of the Luxembourg public finances around mid-November, in due time and in order to be considered in the ongoing budgetary procedure.

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