Nomination of the members and election of the chairman of the CNFP

By Grand Ducal Decrees (9 January 2019 and 1st March 2019), the CNFP has been constituted and is composed for the period 2019-2022 of the following members:

-          Romain BAUSCH, proposed by parliament ;

-          Patrick GRAFFE, proposed by the Court of Auditors ;

-          Marc WAGENER, proposed by the professional chambers representing employers (commerce, agriculture and trades) ;

-          Sylvain HOFFMANN, proposed by the professional chambers representing employees and civil servants ;

-          Délia NILLES and Jean OLINGER, proposed by the government.

One position remains vacant pending the appointment of a second member by the Chamber of Deputies.

The CNFP began its work in February and proceeded to elect its new president in the person of Mr. Romain Bausch.

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